If you built your website more than 3 years ago, chances are it is old and stodgy and makes people think your company is too.

Your last website was probably built around content.  The thinking went: “Let’s create a laundry list of services, add in a few photos and testimonials, and the website is done.”  Also, “in the olden days,” the cost of the software and tech staff to create, manage and update your website was very high, so you compromised a lot. In fact, it is likely that you didn’t give your developer instructions about what to put on your site because you didn’t know what was possible.

The landscape has changed.  Now web sites need to be designed so they are search-engine friendly, in order  to attract as much traffic and as many sales as possible.  Also, the cost to develop and maintain websites has dropped dramatically. And, we are confident that you now have a better idea of what you want. This is where Finely Written comes in.

We start by understanding your business and the goals you have for your website. Then we develop a unique, custom-designed WordPress website fully branded to your corporate identity. The site will be search-engine friendly and take advantage of social media tools to connect you with your customers.  Once your site is built, we will train your staff (it takes 1 hour) on how to make changes to it as you add more services, case studies, testimonials and staff.  In other words, the site will grow with your company.

Of course, Finely Written will serve as “hand holder-in-chief,” providing support for new and updated WordPress features and tools so your website never falls behind!

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