iReminder.com was developed for iReminder, LLC.

iReminder is a healthcare technology company focused on improving medication adherence and persistence. Its products are: Compliance for Life™ for dosing, appointment reminders and refill reminders; Global e-Trials™ for patient recruitment to and retention in clinical trials; and MedTrigger™ a comprehensive ETASU program that reminds patients to comply with all events required by their risk management plan.

Reminders and messages, which are fully customizable. They are delivered by phone, email, SMS text and smartphone, according to the patient’s preferences in the U.S. and internationally, in any language and alphabet. Messages are recorded by native speakers and all written communications (email and SMS text) display in the patient’s preferred language. Patients do not need any special equipment to receive or respond to messages.

iReminder’s sponsors include pharmaceutical companies, retail and specialty pharmacies and managed care organizations.

The site is comprised of several elements:

  • There is a quick summary of the products on the home page and highly visible call-to-action.
  • Attention is drawn to coverage of iReminder on ABC News.
  • Throughout the site, photographs are used to quickly convey the many stakeholders for these products.
  • Videos are found on many different pages of the site.
  • A series of scenarios enables visitors to understand how their constituencies will benefit from iReminder’s offerings.
  • A Research section includes the impact of reminders on a variety of disease states.
  • Company press releases are easily accessed in the News tab.