Training Program

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The Process

The process for setting up online focus groups includes programming, screening, recruiting, developing the guide, moderating, and writing a report. At the end of this manual are the following examples for your reference: 



• Invitation to the screener
• List of rooms, usernames, and passwords
• Email invitation to the focus group
• Sample merge files spreadsheet
• Sample approval form
• Invite spreadsheet example
• Reminder call script
• Participant apreadsheet example
• List of phrases (.lop) example
• List of URLs (.lou) example

Read The Bid

Before starting any study, READ THE BID. The bid details the scope of the project. If the client requests something that is not included in the bid, please tell them that you will need to consult your manager. Your manager will consult with the Research Director to determine if additional charges are necessary. (If so, the client will need to sign off on the additional costs before you can proceed.)

Identify The Research Objectives

The first thing you need to do before you can begin to design the screening questionnaire is understand the client’s research objectives, which should be outlined in the bid. Contact the client to confirm and clarify the specifications before you begin. This information also will help you write the first draft of the Discussion Guide.