Online Research


Does online research seem like a Sisyphean task?

Not to me. Finely Written was a pioneer in online research. We were one of the first market research companies to develop proprietary technology (in the early 1990’s) for web-based surveys, online focus groups and web intercept.  And, we introduced online research to many of the large companies you know: Toyota, Procter & Gamble, McCann Erickson, Fidelity and more!

We know that online research must be conducted with the same rigorous standards you demand from from traditional research methods (e.g., phone surveys, mail surveys, etc.)  And that’s what Finely Written does.

Why online research?  With web-based surveys, you can reach a geographically dispersed population. Anonymity has been shown to elicit more honest answers, and turn-around time is faster.  Also, telephone response rates are going down and labor costs are up. The incremental costs of getting a few more survey participants, if needed, is minimal. And, no one reads “snail mail” surveys anymore.

When hard-to-reach respondents (physicians, MIS personnel, senior business executives, etc.) can participate in online focus groups from their homes or offices, participation rates increase dramatically. And because the cost (and aggravation) of traveling is prohibitive, conducting focus groups online lets you reach participants in the U.S. — and around the world.  And more staff can attend the groups.

But we don’t stop when the data are collected. We analyze the data, provide clients with detailed findings, conclusions, and recommendations and work with them to develop marketing strategies.

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