Bad Data

Companies are spending millions of dollars on Web sites, banner ads and online promotions – and skipping the much smaller investment it would take to do accurate, worthwhile market research. Why? Because it’s seemingly easy and inexpensive to throw a few questions up on their site, get answers from whoever happens to go there that day, and – ta-da – they have market research. There’s only one problem: The results are likely to be inaccurate, or not actionable, or both.

Online market research has exploded in the past 18 months, with a parallel decline in traditional methods such as telephone surveys. Unfortunately,

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Your Customers

I know you think you understood what I said, but what you heard is not what I meant.

When I hung these words on my wall in college, little did I know that 30 years later this ’60s slogan, directed at any and all authority figures, would turn into the marketing cry of the new millennium.

Blame it on the Internet

In today’s Digital Age, customers are aggressively seeking businesses that can understand their needs and desires and respond to them. No longer content to be talked at, they are insisting on two-way

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Online Groups

So here is my question: What was the initial reaction from clients and market research vendors when they were told that telephone data collection was a viable alternative to door-to-door interviewing?

Do you think they decided they didn’t like this new methodology because they couldn’t see the respondent’s face if the interview was conducted over the phone? Or did they say they tried telephone interviewing once, didn’t like it, and therefore were not going to use it again? Or perhaps they expressed concern that people were not used to talking on the phone for

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What is eAttitudes? The eAttitudes program is designed to enable various departments within City Access to systematically elicit input from customers. This data would be used to drive merchandising decisions, evaluate product and store launch strategies, test advertising, and assess proposed Web site changes.

Why is this program needed? Making customer-focused decisions is critical to the ongoing success of City Access.  To do so, City Access

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This brochure was designed for a company that offered many services.  There was one insert, distinguished by color and graphic, for each service. This made it easy for the sales group to customize the brochure for each prospect. It was an efficient and beautifully designed marketing piece.

Excerpt From Inside Cover

When Herman Hollerith invented the punch card and counter sorter back in 1890, he could hardly have imagined where he was leading us.

With his invention, the automation of marketing research data analysis became possible. Thus, Herman begat a future where the customer now

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For his activism on behalf of people living with a disability or illness, his advocacy of medical research, and his personal courage, Christopher Reeve received the 2003 Mary Woodard Lasker Public Service Award. This prestigious award is given to individuals whose support of medical research and the health sciences leads to advances in medical care. 

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This pamphlet was sent to market research companies to promote Play the Field, a new offering from Analytical Computer Service.  The football imagery and text of the brochure caught the attention of those who received it and generated numerous leads and business. The service was designed to make data collection in malls more accurate and efficient.

Typically, mall-based data collection agencies conducted surveys on paper and then shipped them back to the research company for data entry after the interviews were completed. But there was a dilemma. The delay

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This bookmark was distributed by LiveWorld Online Research at a trade show. The objective was to introduce attendees to the online focus group methodology. A bookmark was selected because it was compact, easy-to-carry back from  the show and reinforced the message for those who used it.

Side 1 text: Conducted any Online Focus Groups lately?

Or do you prefer … 

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Training Program

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The Process

The process for setting up online focus groups includes programming, screening, recruiting, developing the guide, moderating, and writing a report. At the end of this manual are the following examples for your reference: 

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iReminder.com was developed for iReminder, LLC.

iReminder is a healthcare technology company focused on improving medication adherence and persistence. Its products are: Compliance for Life™ for dosing, appointment reminders and refill reminders; Global e-Trials™ for patient recruitment to and retention in clinical trials; and MedTrigger™ a comprehensive ETASU program that reminds patients to comply with all events required by their risk management plan.

Reminders and messages, which are fully customizable. They are delivered by phone, email, SMS text and smartphone, according to the

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EricYoffie.com was developed for Eric Yoffie, LLC.  

Rabbi Eric Yoffie is a thoughtful, entertaining, substantive and inspiring speaker, who has addressed audiences ranging from intimate leadership gatherings to half a million people.

An engaging speaker with both a serious message and a sense of humor, Rabbi Yoffie has presented at the World Economic Forum in Davos and at meetings and conventions throughout North America. He is known for his many “firsts.” Among them: He was the first rabbi to address the students and faculty of the Rev. Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, the only American religious leader to address the Million Mom March in Washington, D.C.,

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I. Background

In response to the escalating societal and economic consequences of addictions, the ATOD field began in the early 1970’s with public recognition of and government funding for treatment and prevention programming. Early efforts at alcoholism treatment and prevention were integrated into traditional mental health systems, while separate substance abuse treatment and prevention programming developed in specific modalities

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