This brochure was designed for a company that offered many services.  There was one insert, distinguished by color and graphic, for each service. This made it easy for the sales group to customize the brochure for each prospect. It was an efficient and beautifully designed marketing piece.

Excerpt From Inside Cover

When Herman Hollerith invented the punch card and counter sorter back in 1890, he could hardly have imagined where he was leading us.

With his invention, the automation of marketing research data analysis became possible. Thus, Herman begat a future where the customer now ranks above the CEO on many an organizational chart.

At [COMPANY], we think of Herman as the father of our niche.

Like many niches, ours first became discernible when an unmet need emerged in the marketplace. In 1970, the mainframe computer had just begun a revolution in data collection and data processing. Yet, few had the experience necessary to maximize the power of the mainframe for marketing research.

We used our considerable technical and marketing expertise to create RESQUE, a cross tabulation package that operated on an IBM mainframe. We sold them to corporations that had their own computers and we offered data processing services to small- and medium-sized companies that couldn’t yet afford them.

In the early 1980s, mini-computers made high-speed computing affordable so we developed a version of RESQUE for the DEC VAX.

With the advent of personal computers, we saw a marketing research tool that greatly enhanced the speed and cost-effectiveness of data collection. …

Some of our clients look to us for quality market research software, others for complete studies. Consultants use us as their research team, so they can concentrate on design and analysis.  And rather than hire additional additional staff, full-service research companies turn to us in times of peak demand.

In fact, our niche is as broad and varied as the individual needs of our clients. Through a series of adaptations to the business environment, and our strong commitment to provide what our clients needed, we have become [COMPANY] — the total support company for the market researcher.

Thank you, Herman, for getting us started.