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What is eAttitudes? The eAttitudes program is designed to enable various departments within City Access to systematically elicit input from customers. This data would be used to drive merchandising decisions, evaluate product and store launch strategies, test advertising, and assess proposed Web site changes.

Why is this program needed? Making customer-focused decisions is critical to the ongoing success of City Access.  To do so, City Access needs to solicit feedback from customers and let them know that staff at all levels of the company is responding to customer input when making decisions. Ultimately, the benefit of the eAttitudes Program is to broaden the opportunities for customer input and to enable the data to be collected in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

How does this program work? The platform for this program is online focus groups run by LiveWorld’s staff of professional market researchers and hosted in LiveWorld’s Virtual Focus Facility (VFF). The VFF utilizes a split screen technology, so that concepts, positioning statements, Web site pages, etc., can be shown on the top half of the screen, while participants provide real-time reactions on the bottom of the screen. Exhibits also can be shown in a full size daughter window for participant viewing. The items being displayed can be static or interactive.

What type of information can be evaluated? Use the eAttitudes program any time City Access needs structured feedback, such as to:

  • Gather input on desired new products or services
  • Test Web site changes
  • Trial new concepts for product or services
  • Test positioning messages
  • Evaluate brand image and loyalty
  • Test advertising creative
  • Facilitate ideation
  • Determine reactions to proposed policy changes

Why use online focus groups for eAttitudes? Online focus groups offer a number of advantages, including timeliness, geographic dispersion, candid and uninhibited discussion, more active participation (respondents do not need to wait their turn to “talk”), and a transcript that is instantly available.